Some Notables This Week

Beth Campbell at Pierogi
"Idiom II" at Pierogi, brings together work that distills and organizes information through varied forms, artists in the show include Justin Amrhein, Beth Campbell, Jonathan Herder, Mark Lombardi, William Powhida, and Ward Shelley. Beth Campbell's flow chart drawing My Potential Future Based on Present Circumstances will be on view, which depicts the branching of outcomes from possible personal decisions. Additionally, Campbell's chart is transmuted into the form of a suspended steel, rod, and wire mobile structure. "Idiom II" opens this Friday February 14. 

Also this Friday February 14, Art 101 will become embodied with the collaborative work of Lisa Hein and Robert Seng as they repurpose existing material of the warehouse, including "hacked ceiling fans". Changes will occur over time, as components of the installation commence slightly off balance. 7 Blades will incorporate the collaboratives' notable sense of humor and performative qualities. 

Jenny Santos' "The Thing That's There but Isn't," opens this Saturday at NURTUREart. Jenny Santos examines utopic visions of rural living, as boundaries of interior and external environments are dissolved.

-Katherine Shaw