February Art In Brooklyn

On view through April 27, at Bric is “Art into Music”.  The work in show are diverse in form as they are diverse in how they derive their inspiration from music. Artists in the show explore music in innumerable ways:  from larger cultural phenomenons to the different physical devices used to listen to music. A listening station where playlists from the artists can be heard, will be set up in the space. Artist in the show are John Felix Arnold III, Karlos Cárcamo, Arturo Meade, Valerie Tevere and Angel Nevarez, Rashaad Newsome, Bayeté Ross Smith, Dread Scott, Ward Shelley, and Audra Wolowiec.

Rashaad Newsome at Bric
“Space Heater” a group show featuring the work of Tamara Gonzales, Rachael Gorchov, Lauren Luloff, Carolyn Salas, and Letha Wilson. The work in the show disrupts and reinterprets established notions of spatial relationships. “Space Heater” opens this Saturday February 22 from 7-10 pm, at Harbor Gallery in Bushwick and runs through March 30.

Tamara Gonzales at Harbor

“Off The Wall”  opens this Saturday February 22 from 6-9 pm at Parallel Art Space. The group show features the work of Gilbert Hsiao, Stacie Johnson, Alex Paik, Kim Tran, and Ken Weathersby. This show also, like “Space Heater” deals with the reinterpretation of established or traditional notions. In this show, artists interact with the conventional wall arrangement.