February in Brooklyn

February Pics

Claudia Sbrissa at Kentler

At Kentler International the show Circumstances, curators Holly Shen Chaves & Rachel Nackman use processes akin John Cage’s method of using predetermined methods of chance using the I Ching, a chinese classical text, to make artist selections. Choosing artist’s out the “ever-breathing, ever-circulating entity” Kentler Flatfiles, which is constantly revised by Florence Neal, the curators selected 32 artists for Circumstances. What preceded from these chance driven selections proves to be an enticing factor to actually see the show, out of curiosity about the methods employed and their result. The show opens Saturday, February 8, from 6-8 and there will be an curator’s talk on February 23, at 4pm. A more detailed overview can be read on the Kentler Website.

Tim Bruniges at Signal

MIRRORS at Signal Gallery in Bushwick will run through March 9. Tim Bruniges' installation MIRRORS consists of two concrete “sound mirrors” at either end of the gallery, with the help of technology, sounds over the course of the show will recur and remain added to the additional sounds being “mirrored”. This would be an interesting show to see in progress due to the recurring and building nature of the exhibit.

Osamu Kobayashi at Storefront Ten Eyck
The show at Storefront Ten Eyck this month features Osamu Kobayashi and Björn Meyer-Ebrecht. Osamu Kobayashi's paintings play with differences: chance vs. control, organic vs. geometric. Paint feels intuitively applied yet held within a contained space. Also dealing within dualities Björn Meyer-Ebrecht’s sculptures exist as sculpture but also furniture. “Seating Arrangements” are benches painted in varying color which viewers are actually encouraged to sit on while in the gallery. In the project space Olivié Ponce's work examines relationships between the aesthetic in objects used in everyday life. The show runs from January 31 – February 23 and the opening will be this Friday, January 31, from 6-9 at Storefront Ten Eyck.

-Katherine Shaw