Art In Brooklyn this Week

Reed Anderson at Pierogi

The Way You Look Is the Way I Feel
, opens this Friday March 21, from 7 - 9 pm at Pierogi. The show runs through April 20.  The show will feature Reed Anderson’s cut paper paintings and his project “Papa Object”. In the cut paper paintings circular and elliptical forms are cut from the paper. In most there is a central organization from which the pattern of cut forms pull outwards towards the edges of the paper, in a mandalic esque pattern. The work is painted on, collaged on and cut into creating a harmonious rhythm of these techniques. The “Papa Object” project will also be on view at Pierogi and is based around ideas of object. The works in “Papa Object” are sent to various homes in the world for people to live with for 30 days, and are documented in their surroundings - the photographs then become part of the project. Most recent works for “Papa Object” have yet to be sent to their destinations.

Preach R Sun at Grace

On Friday March 21, CHRYSALIS, commences at 9 pm at Grace Exhibition Space. The multimedia performance based installation is the “reveal” of the ‘ONEMAN’ project by Preach R Sun. The work examines the question “What is freedom; is it a fact or merely a slogan or value that can only be achieved through struggle and pursuit?” and also questions freedom in the context of social conditioning and environment. The work examines issues of race, politics, identity, sexuality, religion, class  and specifically questions ideas of “freedom” in relationship to the history of slavery and Jim Crow Laws in the United States, and the present influence of these histories on African Americans.

Judy Rifka and Victor Ving at Trestle
The closing for Judy Rifka: Star Street at Trestle Gallery is this Saturday March 22, from 7-9.
The show is curated by Alison Pierz, and features a graffiti environment by Victor Ving and a video installation by Judy Rifka and Daniel Dibble. Rifka’s large canvas and paper collage paintings will also be on view. The title of the exhibit “Star Street” comes from Rifka’s and Dibble’s collaboration. In which Rifka makes video works, which become collage like in themselves. Sometimes cut paper can be recognized in the video, while other intriguing forms appear, more difficult to distinguish. The imagery synchronizes with Dibbles sound in a symmetrical dance through most of the video.  Daniel Dibble is a british visual and sound artist.

-Kate Shaw

Pierogi, 7-9
Sideshow, 6-9
Park Slope/Gowanus
Sunset Park